Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock proclaims May 6th Spirit of Love day for movie cast and crew

On Monday May 6th we had a sneak peek premiere for cast and crew in Denver along with members of the media and distinguished guests at the SIE film center.

To kick off the evening we received a Proclamation from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock making Monday May 6th, "Spirit of Love" day.The Mayor had been invited but was out of the country and he asked the Director and CO-Director of his commission for persons with disabilities to present the award on his behalf.This was a very nice surprise since it was something initiated by someone in Georgia and Colorado who recognized the importance of our film.A true blessing.

We had a packed house and received great accolades and congratulatory comments from everyone
in attendance.

Comedian  Dan McGowan said "Spirit of Love is one of those rare films that goes beyond the art of film making and touches the heart. You can't miss the message that each of us, while appearing different, are really quite the same - we ALL need to be loved, and to show love to one another!

One of the things I loved about the film was how what most view as a physical limitation was viewed as something normal - as opposed to over sensationalizing the topic. The metaphor of sports is great because, as one coach says in the film, "...anyone can play basketball..."

Spirit of Love will give you a new way of viewing those who, on the surface, appear different. And you will be challenged to show love to others in a brand new way."

Former Denver Bronco Kenny Walker  attended to show support for some of his students in the film  said, "Spirit of Love is a movie for all to see.One that advocates and educates about the deaf."

When interviewed on camera Award Winning radio personality Jennifer Wilde said. "I don't like sports films,but I loved Spirit of Love. Although it is a film about basketball, it’s not about the sport. It’s a film about working hard, perseverance and acceptance. And the way to create acceptance of others is to find the ways you are like them. That’s what the film teaches. Whether we are black or white, deaf or hearing, we are all, our own unique person, and that makes us great. Great work!”

As a director,producer,and writer it is always fun to see a live audience laugh or cry in response to something that you and the cast and crew were able to bring to the screen.

One of our teen actresses responded, "Now the movie is done" which many of us who know the business remarked "We've just begun."

We are setting up various key screening events to get the word out and increase support of releasing "Spirit of Love" into theaters with open captions just as it is.That way everyone can have the same experience with our amazing ASL performance by Aaron Kellogg and MJ Williams who beautifully perform in support of Laura Dodds amazing vocals with captions.So there really is something for everyone.

Remember to visit http://spiritoflovemovie.com/      and spread the love.