Friday, January 25, 2013

The Essence of the story

The purpose of our film, the Essence if you will for "Spirit of Love" is to Bridge the Gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities with the Hearing, through this inspirational film.It's not about changing one or the other but about acceptance and working together.

I've been so busy preparing for next week in Los Angeles, and in 20 days I will be attending the first public Film Festival screening in Houston.This is always a nervous time for a filmmaker.You get to see live reactions of audience members.We get to see if we did our job first hand.As a Producer and Director I often forget to stop and enjoy the journey.

This week I was asked to pull production stills and actual film clips from Spirit of Love along with B roll footage and interview clips which were shot in Georgia this past June at the actual 33rd annual Mike Glenn camp for the DHH.The clips and info are being sent to a very large organization that can help promote our film. (More news on this coming soon)

In doing this exercise I discovered some diamonds in the rough and gems along the way.This story and film began a long time ago.Watching the interview clips which haven't aired anywhere reminded me of why I did this film and want to share it with multitudes.

It's about the teens, and the kids.It's for everyone who has ever been told they can't do something.Or for everyone who has negative false beliefs about themselves.This film can and will heal deep wounds of the heart.It  has a purpose and a place.Watching this clip I remembered I'm living my Dream and you can too,even if others tell you that you can't.


  1. Beautiful heartfelt message, Darla! As everyone's "Fearless Leader" guiding us through this inspirational journey, you have allowed us to experience things that we never thought possible. And so we thank you and are proud to be a part of your Dream as well. May your trip to LA be productive and may the national Premiere in Houston be well-received and enjoyed by all. Kudos!!

  2. Darla, when you say, "It's not about changing one or the other but about acceptance....." That applies. To many things. Kudos again!