Saturday, February 2, 2013

Prejudice,Lessons,and character

I sat down with some words scribbled by me on paper which I felt were inspired from above this week along with our films editior Barry Kolsky, and  music inspired from above and scored through non other than Mr. Alex Grant to create the Official Theatrical movie trailer for Spirit of Love.

Barry and I sat and pulled clips and and audio and images that we felt inspired us. Oddly enough they seem to fit. So much goes into the making and marketing of a film that you can lose yourself going and coming.It was like I knew something was percolating in my brain but it just wasn't quite there yet.
I knew we needed an Official Theatrical trailer but it just wasn't time.

The words and outline started to come slowly but they weren't quite right.

I scribbled and crossed out,and scribbled more and more ,but not until I was
 flying 30,000 feet up in the sky on my way to Los Angeles did it come pouring out.
THIS SEEMS TO BE A WAY that God uses to get my attention or to give me insights and lessons.
(Perhaps he knows I don't like flying) :)

Can't really explain it but it's not the first time a vision for a creative project became clear on a plane.

In the past we have posted teasers and trailer footage which were being used for other purposes regarding the film,but nothing had the right vision of what we wanted to convey for the film and our tremendous teenage heros,and the great call that has been on the life of Mike Glenn to impact teens through his character and actions. We are truly grateful and proud for all who have been a part of this film project.

However I hope everyone will enjoy the new Official Theatrical trailer which features our amazing teens who are not actors,and most all  had never made a film before. But that doesn't take away the fact that lessons were learned and taught by all on set, and even through the editing of this film and now the final trailer and ultimately the finished film.

I believe there is a greater and bigger purpose for this film and its message.

Words like Racism,Prejudice,Hatred,Anger,Bitterness,which are present in our film, can all teach lessons. What You Do with the Lessons,Determines the Character of a Person.
Enjoy the Official trailer and share and comment on FB and youtube to spread the word about our film.

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